Quartzite MiamiWhen it comes to the best countertop choices, you probably have a lot of different questions. What is the best material for countertops? At Lux Stone, we know that the answer to that all depends on preferences. But, if we’re speaking strictly in the perfect combination of durability and strength, quartzite is the name of the game. Quartzite countertops are harder than granite, yet they’re available in many different hues. If you’re looking for the best quartzite for sale in Miami, it’s time to explore our offerings at Lux Stone.

Quartzite is a natural stone that’s formed from highly pressurized sandstone deep in the earth’s crust. Typically, quartzite can include some other naturally occurring minerals that help create its patterned look. At Lux Stone, we work with only the finest quartzite. All of our quartzite for sale in Miami comes from the most unique quarries around the world, helping enhance your project with the finest quartzite.

Quartzite surfaces are perfect for kitchen countertops, mantles, windowsills and virtually any other project that calls for high quality stone surfaces. At Lux Stone, we offer our quartzite for sale in Miami with many different sizes, colors, thicknesses and patterns. You’re sure to find the perfect quartzite for your project when you shop with us.

Similarly to granite, quartzite is incredibly easy to care for. In fact, you can typically keep quartzite clean with a damp cloth. Wiping away stains is simple when you’ve entrusted quartzite. Whether you’re covering your counters, creating bar-style seating or you’re designing your own luxury oasis with quartzite surfaces in the bath, it’s time to explore all of your options for the best quartzite.

If you’re a homeowner or a contractor that’s orchestrating a custom home remodeling project, you need the best materials. At Lux Stone, we’re proud to provide the highest quality quartzite along with many other slab types. You can trust our selection for the best countertops, along with many other solutions.

If you’re looking for the best quartzite for sale in Miami, you may think you have to search far and wide. But, getting started with a quartzite search is easy. You can simply browse our online selections, or you can call (786) 899-0895 to speak with a slab specialist from our team. We also invite you to explore our Lux Stone showroom, located at 7811 NW 34th Street in Doral. We look forward to seeing you soon!