When it comes to designing great kitchens, there’s a lot of pressure in choosing the best countertops. These days, there are a lot of different materials out on the market, touting themselves as the best choice for countertops. But, what is the best material for countertops? While preference does play a key, there are some factors that everyone should desire when it comes to countertops. At Lux Stone, we offer the best kitchen countertops in Miami. With our high quality stone surfaces, you’ll have no trouble choosing a new countertop. Some of our best options for countertops include:

  • Granite. Granite has become the most ubiquitous countertop material, and it’s no mystery why. With great styles and incredible durability, granite is a time tested solution for all types of kitchens. At Lux Stone, we offer the best granite slabs for your commercial or residential kitchen. Granite can include unique patterns and colors, perfect for any design.
  • Marble countertops used to get a bad reputation, but many people are finally realizing how truly beautiful marble countertops can be. The right marble countertops, such as the ones we sell at Lux Stone, are able to grow with your spaces. We have the most beautiful marble to add instant elegance and character to any project.
  • Travertine is a great option for the homeowner that’s having a tough time choosing between marble or granite. That’s because travertine serves as an intermediate between the two, offering beautiful swirls akin to marble but boasting the durability of granite.
  • Limestone is one of the most overlooked materials when it comes to countertops, but these days many people are realizing that limestone is one of the best kitchen countertops in Miami. Limestone is as tough as granite, and it’s incredibly ideal for humid settings such as South Florida.

What is the best material for countertops? Exotic stones of course! At Lux Stone, we provide the necessary stones to create the best kitchen countertops in Miami. Whether you’re looking for a wonderfully natural look or your project calls for more elegance, we have the materials you need. Our team curates only the finest stones for projects of all shapes and sizes. We invite homeowners and contractors as well to view our selections for themselves. To connect with the best kitchen countertops in Miami, simply visit our showroom at 7811 NW 34th Street in Doral. We look forward to helping you get started on creating the best countertops!