Marble and Granite MiamiWhen it comes to outfitting your home or business, you need the best materials possible. But, not all marble and granite in Miami is created equal. There are varying quality levels in these materials, and there are varying styles to choose from. So, how can you find the best granite and marble stone in Miami? It starts with finding a quality supplier. At Lux Stone, we’re committed to consistently providing the highest quality granite, marble and other fine stones. We’re proud to offer the most unique stone from all around the world!

When you think of truly luxurious stone surfaces, what comes to mind? Marble stone in Miami is one of the most beautiful options for countertops, vanities and even floors. At Lux Stone, we sell the most unique marble stone in Miami. Marble is known for its trademark conversation between beautiful white and soft grey veins. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to marble. Some prefer larger sections of white, while others opt for heavier veining. No matter your marble preferences, you can find your perfect marble slabs when you shop our selections at Lux Stone.

Our selections are filled with the best marble and granite in Miami. Granite is a popular countertop material for homes and businesses alike. That’s because granite withstands considerable heat exposure without scratching, chipping, staining or warping. Best of all, granite is truly beautiful. With endless combinations of color, texture and pattern, there’s granite that fits your designs.

Just as with marble, not all granite is created equal. At Lux Stone, we’re consistently curating the best granite slabs. We can help you find the most exotic granite colors, helping you create surfaces that will be sure to impress. When you work with our stone experts at Lux Stone, you won’t have to worry about your granite being too small, weak or dull. That’s because our unique natural stones are the highest quality.

Why Choose Marble and Granite from Lux?

When it comes to any construction or remodeling project, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider upgrading your spaces with marble and granite in Miami. At Lux Stone, we know that these natural stones are unparalleled in their beauty and their durability. Whether you’re looking to cover kitchen countertops or dining room tables for a restaurant, you need the best surfaces possible. Let our experts at Lux Stone help, call (786) 899-0895 to learn which surface styles are right for you.