08 May 2022
Marble stone kitchen countertops Miami

Marble stone is one of the must-have items for your countertops. Demand is growing at 4% annually and is expected to maintain these rates until 2026. 

Marble is an all-natural material that gives your countertops something special. Here are some of the reasons why you want to use marble stone in Miami for your countertops. 

The Appearance

Let’s face it we all want our countertops to look great and have an elegant appearance. Marble is unique and gives you the look you want. You have a wide variety of patterns, tones, hues, and colors to create that special look for your home. 

We recommend marble stone in Miami to create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. 

At Lux Stone, we provide you with some of the most unique and hard-to-find stones from around the world. We work with homeowners and contractors to help them remodel their kitchens and bathrooms. 

Heat Resistant

One of the big challenges with any kitchen countertop is the vulnerability to heat. We have all put down a hot plate or pan on it and damaged the surface. No matter how much work you do these damages are permanent and take away from the look of your countertops. 

Marble is resistant to heat and you never have to worry about leaving stains on the countertops if you love to bake or cook. 

Another popular place for using marble stone is around the fireplace. During those cold nights when you want a fire, the heat and smoke will leave a dingy look around it. Marble withstands these elements and is the one stone that keeps everything looking like new. 

Lux Stone offers you a choice of some of the most sought-after stones. We have different kinds of granite, marble, limestone, and others to give you the perfect countertops. 

You Get Extra Protection by Sealing the Marble

One of the drawbacks of marble is it is prone to stains and scratches. The good news is that by using a sealer, you will protect the marble and ensure it has that natural beauty you want.

The key is to always clean up any spills right away so nothing will eat through the sealer to damage the marble. If you do this, you will have countertops that will make you proud for many years to come. 

Lux Stone has the largest selection of natural stones to use on your countertops in South Florida. Our team is friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced to help you find that perfect countertop for your home. 

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