Travertino AlabastrinoCountertops add beauty and practicality to any kitchen or bathroom. But which building materials are best to create the perfect countertop? While many opt for granite, quartz marble, there’s another natural stone that’s quickly becoming a popular staple in today’s modern homes. Travertine is a form of limestone that is deposited in hot springs. Its popularity as a building material began in Italy and is now considered among the most popular choices for natural stone countertops. But when it comes time to find the best slabs of travertine stone in Miami, your choice of supplier is important. When contractors, building designers and architects need travertine stone countertops, they choose the Lux Stone

At Lux Stone, our experienced and knowledgeable team utilizes the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to create the best quality travertine stone countertops in Miami. Because many of our customers are the building professionals, our products must fit the highest standards in the industry. Lux Stone has a complete inventory of the travertine stone slabs imported from all over the world. When it comes time to creating a professional-grade countertop, having the best quality of materials is of the utmost importance.

Travertine provides several benefits compared to other natural stones. Because it’s less expensive than granite, it’s a great cost-effective solution. Travertine stone slabs are also easier to cut and shape. Its natural aesthetic beauty creates a more luxurious appearance. When it comes to natural stone suppliers, Lux Stone has the best selection of travertine stone in Miami. Choose from a variety of different shades and colors, including walnut, cream, beige, ivory, gold and coral red. Travertine stone also provides unmatched durability and is environmentally friendly.

More homeowners and building professionals are discovering the amazing value, quality and beauty of travertine countertops. To find the best slabs of travertine stone in Miami, stop by the showroom at Lux Stone. Our friendly staff can address any of your questions or concerns about travertine countertops. In addition to our amazing selection of travertine stone in Miami, check out our inventory of marble, quartz, marble and limestone slabs. See for yourself why Lux Stone is the premier destination for countertops in Miami. Contact us today.