newly installed premium kitchen countertop

If you’re in the market for new kitchen countertops in Florida, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the numerous options available. From granite and marble to quartz and solid surfaces, the choices seem endless. However, when it comes to finding the perfect kitchen countertops, there’s one business that stands out above the rest – Lux […]

White kitchen interior with large windows, a white marble table and a white marble countertop with a sink.

Are you tired of looking at your outdated and worn kitchen countertops? Do you dream of a sleek and modern kitchen with beautiful, high-quality countertops? Look no further than Lux Stone, your go-to destination for all things kitchen countertops. Our team of experts specializes in transforming kitchens into stunning and functional spaces with our top-of-the-line […]

Granite countertop in a modern kitchen

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen with a luxurious and timeless countertop material, look no further than Lux Stone’s granite countertops. Our selection of beautiful granite countertops come in a variety of colors and styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether your kitchen is modern, traditional, or something in between, you can be […]

Remodeling your home’s kitchen can be a great experience, and picking out new and updated materials and features is fun and exciting. Whether you are updating your entire kitchen or just a few key aspects of it, you have to put a lot of thought into the different design and functionality choices you end up […]

Remodeling takes a lot of planning and hard work. If you’re ready to remodel in the kitchen or bathroom, adding a new limestone countertop could add the beauty you’ve been looking for. While there are many natural stones that can be used for countertops, limestone provides an alternative to expensive stones such as marble and […]

Natural stone countertops provide beauty and durability in your kitchen. If you’re looking for ways to improve your home, adding a new countertop could be the answer. There are many different types of natural stones available, and none are better than marble and granite. Both marble and granite have been around for hundreds of years, […]

When you decide you want to remodel your home you have many different options. Do you want to start in the kitchen with some new cabinets? What about adding a new countertop in the bathroom? Whatever your plans for remodeling, our team at Lux Stone can help you. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling […]

When remodeling your kitchen, the perfect place to start is with a new kitchen countertop. Adding a new kitchen countertop is a great way to add beauty and elegance to your kitchen. While remodeling your home can take a lot of time and effort, our team at Lux Stone is here to help. We provide […]

Marble has been one of the most popular natural stones for many years. It provides beauty and elegance to any room, and there is no question it’s one of the most quality natural stones available. At Lux Stone we have the best selection of marble for your home. Whether you’re looking to remodel your kitchen […]

There are many different types of natural stone to choose from when redesigning your kitchen countertops in Miami. Many people know about the popular stones such as marble and granite, but may not know the differences and which material is the most durable. When you redesign your kitchen, you want a stone that you know […]