Lux Stone Offer Natural Stone Countertop in Doral & Miami FL

When it comes to selecting the best natural stone for countertops, the first thing many people consider is look. While the look of your new countertop is very important, you also want a stone that is durable and will last. Nobody wants to spend money on a new countertop if it isn’t going to last. At Lux Stone, we have a huge selection of beautiful natural looking stones that you can count on to last. Between our selection of marble, quartz, granite, travertine and more you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Marble stone is one of the most popular stones when it comes to designing countertops. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, marble is a great choice. Not only does marble have a beautiful appearance, it is also one of the most durable natural stones on earth. Another advantage of marble is how easy it is to maintain.

Travertine stone is one of the lessor known stones, but is becoming more and more popular. Travertine stone is a more affordable option compared to both quartz and granite. Travertine is a form of limestone that is deposited in hot springs. To go along with its very affordable prices, travertine is a very beautiful stone.

Granite and quartz are two of the most popular stones that people use for remodeling today. Both have a variety of different colors and styles to choose from. When selecting a countertop for your bathroom or kitchen, you want a stone that will last. Both quartz and granite are not only beautiful, but are sure to last.

Whether you’re a professional home contractor or an individual looking to remodel one room, Lux Stone has all of the natural stone slabs you’ll need. At Lux Stone, our staff will provide you with the best customer service and provide you with the highest quality stone. Stop by our showroom today to see our wonderful selection of beautiful stones.