18 Aug 2022
Marble Stone Miami

Marble stone is one of the most popular materials for countertops and tiles out there. Demand is growing for marble at a rate of 4.6% a year and is expected to maintain these levels until 2028. 

Everyone likes the look and strength that marble offers. You can use marble to give your kitchens and bathrooms the look and feel you want. Here are the top three benefits of using marble stone countertops and tiles. 


Marble stone is one of the most durable materials out there. It lasts five times longer than any other material and is resistant to chipping, scratches, and cuts. Those homes that have marble are worth more and sell faster. Everyone loves marble and knows about its durability. This places a higher value on your home because of the marble stone.

Lux Stone is the best place to buy marble stone in Miami. We can help you to make your kitchen or bathroom look great using marble stone.

Low Maintenance

Marble stone is a long-term purchase that will cost you more for the materials. But, you will recoup what you are spending upfront thanks to the low maintenance. 

Marble has been used for many decades and dates back to the Romans. Marble lasts longer than any other option and looks great years later. 

The average marble stone kitchen or bathroom has an unlimited lifespan. It will look as good as it does today 30 years from now. 

You never have to worry about repairing and resurfacing the marble s. It maintains its look thanks to the strength of marble. The only thing you will need to do is clean the marble so it will always shine for you. 

Lux Stone are the kitchen and bathroom experts. We can help you to create and build the perfect kitchen or bathroom. We are the best place to go when you want a wide selection of marble stone in Miami. 


Marble stone goes with anything and can match it to any room in your home. You have a choice of different shades, colors, and hues to go with your kitchen or bathroom project. One of the reasons why marble is so popular is its flexibility to go with anything. 

We have a large selection of marble that can be matched to your home using our interactive tools. It takes the different rooms and shows you how marble will blend in and bring everything out. 

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